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Vacuum Sealing

Posted 11/9/2012 1:50pm by Susan Anderson.

I just got a great email from Ramsey, an adventurous and really good ginger grower, who shared a tip for storage that I want to extend to all of you: He uses a vacuum sealed bag to store his baby ginger in the refrigerator. After 33 days he opened one of the packs from the refrigerator and it was just as he had sealed it, crisp and fresh, full of ginger flavor. This would be a great value added tip for growers trying to sell into a retail market over the winter. They could invest in a vacuum sealer for this and other products. Ramsey proffers that the ginger is not injured by the colder refrigerator temps, nor is it dessicated by the dry refrigerator environment because it is packed sans oxygen in the vacuum sealed bag. Ramsey, thank you so much for sharing your experience.

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