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Info About Ordering

These are some Frequently Asked Questions about ordering

How do I place an order?

Ordering for the 2014 season will start again after Jan. 16th, 2014. The website is being rebuilt and inventory numbers are being fine tuned. Thank you for your patience while East Branch Ginger takes steps to best serve you. A newsletter will be sent when ordering is open again in mid-January.

When will I get my shipment?
Seed is available from late February to early April.  Your ginger order will ship when you want it to.  You will be prompted in the ordering process to choose a ship week you would like to receive your seed. Your choices will look like this: 

Ship Dates for 2014:

Feb 17 
Feb 24 
March 3 
March 10 
March 17 
March 24
March 31
April 7
Things to consider when choosing a ship date: if growing in a greenhouse anywhere, or in a hoophouse in the south, choose an early to mid season ship week; if growing in a hoophouse in the north or direct seeding in the field or containers outside in the south, choose a mid to late ship week. This guide allows time for presprouting. Click here for info on presprouting.


Will the seed pieces be injured on the way?
We ship via FedEx 2 day Air.  The reason we do this is so that the box does not sit outside at any one waypoint long enough to sustain cold damage.  The only place it can be injured is at its final destination... your door!  An email will be sent to you when the package(s) ship.  This message will let you know that FedEx will be delivering your package(s) in two to three days.  Some shipments did take three days (no seed has been damaged from cold, thus far) last season if they were far from a FedEx hub.  Just be sure that the ginger does not sit for longer than an hour if temperatures are below 45F!

Shipping Costs (# = lbs.)

Shipping will be calculated at check out. The shipping costs are $1.80 per pound, including box weight.

The weight of the box is included in the total weight of your order. Use the below when estimating shipping costs:

  • Box weights on orders 5-10# adds 1# per box
  • Box weights on orders 15# and 30# or more adds 2# per 30# increment

Canadian and International orders, please call or email with your order and shipping address. Shipping and handling costs must be assessed individually.

Seeding Rates (# = lbs.)
Seeding rates are al listed under the individual variety of see in the ordering area. Click on 'More Info' to see info about the variety, seeding rates for container or soil culture, and other useful tidbits about your future crop!

Here are some helpful numbers when calculating seeding rates:  
Ginger 30# plants 100 row feet  
Turmeric 5# plants 30-35 feet

Seed Refund Policy

East Branch Ginger products are of the highest quality, true to type, and are sound when they leave our facility. Our facility goes through inspection processes as established by the State of North Carolina. Live plant materials, including ginger seed pieces, are perishable products which can be damaged by improper handling and storage. We provide instructions for immediate inspection and for proper handling, storage, and planting. These instructions are included in each order shipped. Failure to inspect your order upon receipt, or failure to follow these instructions or to follow accepted good farming practices may void our guarantee. Good crops also depend on good weather, good soil, and good planting practices. Because we cannot control these conditions, our liability is limited to the refund of the purchase price or replacement of the product. If you are not satisfied with a product, or if a product is unsound or defective when you receive it, please notify us within 7 days of receipt in order to qualify for a refund or replacement. Shipping charges are not refundable. Depending on availability, replacement products may not be available until the following year. When you purchase our products, you accept these conditions and limitations.

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