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Watering Ginger

Do not overwater in the presprout and early transplant stages!  Your ginger will stop growing and shut down if overwatered resulting in delayed crop time.  Once foliage is established it will demand more water.

-Ginger does not like wet feet but likes to be kept well watered

- For bag or hoop house culture, a drip system with a timer is beneficial

- When soil or media becomes dry to the touch (not dusty or separating from the edge of the container) then water until saturated

- If growing in an arid climate or structure, misting plants to raise humidity around leaf canopy is beneficial

- Do not over water in the presprout stage or during early transplant time

- Do water frequently late in the season (late July, August - While temps are HOT and rhizomes are getting HUGE under ground), perhaps every 2 days, more or less depending upon your soil/media. Feed it well!!

- If growing in the open field and a heavy rain is called for soon after transplanting cover the plants with plastic to keep them from being overwatered

- Use foliage as a last resort indicator to water late in the season - if foliage curls slightly in the early afternoon then it needs to be watered immediately

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